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Each issue is packed with detailed information on how the featured watch would have
been used, as well as background information on watch design and the great watch manufacturers.

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These pages describe the design details of the featured watch, showing how it would meet the needs of specific military personnel at particular times. From the trenches of WWI to the Soviet cosmonauts, you will be introduced to the world’s finest military forces.

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The names of the great watchmakers have become synonymous with style. Discover the fascinating history of these international companies and read about the ways in which they have contributed to the development of watch design.

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Through the ages and around the world, watch design has been strongly influenced by the needs of military personnel. This section of the magazine looks at the major developments in watch design, as well as analysing the structure of the watchmaking industry in different countries.

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These quick-reference pages give you the low-down on many aspects of watch design and terminology. Features include details of how watches work, markings found on vintage watches and historical posters and advertisements.

Inside the next issues

British Commando, 1970s

  • Find out why highly accurate, water-resistant timepieces were SBS essentials
  • The lever escapement; a great British invention that made watches tick.
  • Innovative watchmaker Heuer, renowned for its accurate military chronographs.

US Infantry, 1970s

  • Read about this general-purpose watch worn by American infantry.
  • The improvements in accuracy that led to important benefits for watchmakers.
  • Explore the technical excellence of Omega, favoured by the military and astronauts.

Russian Military, 1980s

  • Discover how Russian paratroopers battled harsh conditions in ‘80s Afghanistan.
  • A. Lange & Söhne – German watchmakers creating ‘works of art’ since 1845.
  • The fascinating story of the military diver’s watch.
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