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Build a stunning collection of military-style timepieces inspired by iconic, often rare, watches that were originally designed for the world’s armed forces...

This superb collection brings you military-style wristwatches featuring the design elements most desired by land, sea and air forces from the early 1900s to the mid-1980s. Each watch was tailored to the needs of a particular branch of the world’s armed forces during different decades. Many of the watches’ details later became common features on civilian timepieces.

Each watch incorporates features that were most important to the soldiers, seamen and air crews who relied on them for accuracy in often arduous conditions.

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Chronograph Watch

Inspired by post-war RAF chronographs, this stunning watch includes a continuous seconds dial and 30-minute counter.

US Astronaut

Out of this world replica US astronaut time piece, includes full function chronographs (stop watch, spilt time and date window).

Australian 1970’s Divers Watch

This stainless steel watch and bracelet, with chunky markings and easy-to-operate bezel, would have been ideal for use by Australian combat divers in the 1970’s.

Anzac watch

Specially commissioned replica Australian officer watch from the Anzac landings. Incorporates a second’s sub dial.

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Present your watch collection in style with these quality luxury watch display cases. Each case holds 20 watches and can be yours for only R30 extra per issue.

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